Our core services are tailored to suit our Client’s needs. After first understanding the key issues and challenges we will work with our Clients to establish the appropriate service package.  As our name suggests, our core services are our 3P’s, Portfolio, Programme and Project Management capabilities.

Portfolio Management exists to bridge the gap between corporate strategies and projects. It is a pragmatic, robust management approach that helps organisations deliver and realise the required benefits, innovative ways of working that will ensure success with major initiatives and business endeavours. Programme Management is concerned with making sure the right projects and programs are executed; and Project Management is about running individual projects. Programme & Portfolio Management has the benefit of allowing organisations to understand the ‘value’ of investments; to prioritise these and co-ordinate efforts towards achieving defined business objectives and goals.

Additional Services

Our core services (the 3 P’s) are supported by the following services.

Design Management Procurement & Contract Strategy BIM Strategy
Expert Witness Construction Planning QSRA Earned Value/cost & schedule Management
Risk Management Contract Administration Employers Agent
Employers Representative Executive PM Secondments Business Case / Planning Strategies
Commercial Assurance Handover Planning Project Health Checks & Audits
Project Recovery Development Management Funding Strategy (non FSI advice)
3PM Services

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management helps ensure that any adjustment required to operating costs is made in a structured and informed manner, whilst also ensuring that investments are prioritised; such that they directly align with and support achievement of the strategic business goals and objectives.  A Portfolio is ‘the totality of an organisations investment or a segment of it’.

Our Portfolio Management service is a coordinated collection of processes and decisions applied to provide the framework for programmes and projects that enables a controlled approach to balance organisational change and business as usual.  We work with our Clients to identify their investment philosophy to ensure that investment decisions don’t shift from strategy to strategy.

Our step by step process can be simplified as follows:

Stage 1: Getting to know you.  We need to understand you as our Client and establish the requirements and risk preferences. We will work with you to set up the appropriate governance and structure to manage the portfolio.

Step 2:   Constructing the Portfolio.  We need to identify and classify our Client’s assets.

Step 3:   Putting the Portfolio together.

Step 4:   Evaluate the Portfolio performance.

We guide you through this process with individual attention from our experienced team.


Programme Management

Programme Management provides a robust approach to the execution of linked complex project challenges and is focused on the achievement of the desired business benefits.  A Programme is a temporary flexible organisation of a number of related projects and activities that together, deliver outcomes and benefits aligned with our Client’s strategic objectives.

Programme Management is the art of coordinating, directing and overseeing the objectives for all the projects.

At the heart of our Programme Management approach is our combined experience in project delivery. We understand the challenges individual projects face and how they can affect the overall Programme.

We have experience in setting up a Programme Management Office (PMO) from scratch or supporting existing teams.  The prioritisation of projects is integral to the success of the Programme.  Our well established governance processes and procedures have been tried and tested successfully with many Clients.


Project Management

3PM’s Project Management service is focused on the delivery & transition into operation of the desired capability in the most effective and efficient manner. Being delivered in accordance with the defined constraints of value, programme and quality.

Projects vary significantly in size and complexity.  There isn’t a one size fits all approach you can take with our Project Management delivery.  Our processes and procedures are based on best practice from across the industry that we tailor to make a bespoke service for our Client’s individual needs.

From our initial engagement we will work with you to establish and fully understand the brief, the why’s and the where’s so we can deliver the how and when.

Our tailored engagement mapping will establish the roles and responsibilities of the key individuals across the project team in order to work as one machine driving in the right direction to ensure successful project delivery.