Our business is all about developing long term relationships with our Clients, teams and 3rd parties.  Core to our ethos and culture is striving to be Trustworthy, Honest underpinned by Hard work. We want to create environments where organisations and individuals want to work with us.

3PM is a company which has been specifically established to provide a personal service. Our business is totally flexible to tailor services to Client needs and to work collaboratively with our referral network.

As a new business we are able to ensure that the lessons we have learnt throughout our careers can be put into practice with a blank canvas. Having a knowledgeable and empowered team who are able to make decisions for our business is crucial and unique. We are passionate about what we do and have developed an environment based on harnessing teamwork, rewarding success and recognising the skills and talents of the whole team.


As experienced project managers we recognise that there isn’t one single approach to project delivery that suits all projects.  Through our combined experience and knowledge sharing we have the expertise to break down complex issues into their component parts, identify and assess the risks and look at them simply, establish a solution and agree a strategy with relevant stakeholders and  then implement what we have agreed.

Our delivery method is based on our ability to communicate and engage with all parties involved at all levels and instilling our own ethos of collaborative working throughout the project team.

If it touches the project then we own it and sort it.


Our values are at the heart of our organisation, the teams we work with and the strategies we adopt. The consistency of our vision and ethos is central to us as a business. These are defined by; Relationships, Delivery, Values and Creativity.

Our approach is simple, to add more than you take.

Our culture has been established to harness the value and ethos we hold true as individuals and for 3PM and our Clients. We treat everyone as a customer and hope in doing so build a reputation that means people will want to work with us.


Creativity is not something usually linked to Project Managers. At 3PM we look to act as the catalyst for creativity by putting the right teams together and looking for opportunities to provide enhancements and new ideas for our Clients and teams. Testing the traditions of Project Management protocols and balancing the art of Project Management differentiates 3PM from our competitors.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create an environment which encourages innovation and tests the perceived norms.

We look for bespoke solutions where appropriate that enhance our Clients existing systems and add to the intellectual property of our commissions.